Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas - Wildwood Anglers

Gareth’s Vitals

Age: 34
Born: Ottawa, ON, CA

Gareth’s Bio

Gareth Thomas is happy to be joining the Wildwood Anglers guide staff with the fall 2020 steelhead season. Based out of Cleveland, he targets primarily the tributaries of eastern Ohio, and is excited to extend the lineup of rivers guided out of the shop to the Pennsylvania border. An Ohio resident since 2005, he has intimate knowledge of the rivers in the region and ample experience putting clients on hard-fighting Ohio steelhead.

A native of Ottawa, Ontario, Gareth cut his teeth on Great Lakes steelhead, under the tutelage of his father, on the Ganaraska River at the age of 11. He has since spent every available moment chasing chrome.

While Gareth is well-versed in all methods of fly fishing for Great Lakes steelhead, he takes particular pride in offering trips on the Spey rod, swinging large, visually arresting flies to the fish. Nothing in the steelhead game compares to the crushing grab of an angry steelhead on a tight line, and Gareth was swinging flies before swinging flies was cool!

Whether you’re a Spey neophyte or a seasoned swinger of flies, it would be Gareth’s pleasure to connect you with your first Alley steelhead on the swing.